2022 GHSA Ministerial Meeting in Seoul



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Expert Forum 1 : Immunization Action Package

Session 1 : NIP Capacity Building 1​

Resilient Infrastructure

Dr. Geun Yong Kwon

Division Director, Division of Immunization, Bureau of Healthcare Safety and Immunization, Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA)

Sustainable Financing

Dr. Emad AlMohammadi

Chief Officer of Communicable Diseases Control, Public Health Authority, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Session 2 : NIP Capacity Building 2

Vaccine Access & Equity

Dr. Se Eun Park

Research Scientist, International Vaccine Institute (IVI)

Vaccine Hesitancy

Dr. Benjamin Arthur DAHL

Epidemiologist, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Session 3 : Panel Discussion

Infrastructure Capacity

Dr. Yihenew Yirdaw Abera

Section Chief, National Covid-19 Response IPC and Wash, Ministry of health, Ethiopia

Sustainable Financing Capacity

Dr. Vernon Lee

Senior Director, Communicable Diseases, Ministry of Health, Singapore

Vaccine-related Capacity

Dr. Nawal AlKaabi

Senior Advisor, Hayat Biotech, United Arab Emirates

Expert Forum 2 : Legal Preparedness Action Package

Introduction to Legal Preparedness Action Package's Legal Mapping Framework

Ms. Emily Rosenfeld

Public Health Analyst, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Interactive Legal Mapping Exercise and Tool Review

Ms. Ana Ayala

Senior Global Health Officer, Office of Global Affairs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Expert Forum 3 : Sustainable Financing Action Package

Vaccine-related CapacityOverview of current global economic outlook, its implications for DRM in LMICs, and opportunities for increasing investments

Global Director, World Bank Group

Expert Forum 4 : One Health and GHSA

Developing One Health in the GHSA

Rosa Peran Sala

AMR Action Package Chair, Netherlands

Expert Forum 5 : Korea-World Bank Group partnership

Health Financing during COVID-19

Taejin Lee

Professor, Seoul National University School of Public Health

Linchipin against COVID-10: National Health Insurance Services Response to COVID-19

Sang Baek Kang

Director General, National Health Insurance Services

Expert Forum 7 : Coordination, Country Preparedness and Action

Vaccine-related Capacity

Mr. Ludy Suryantoro

Unit Head, World Health Organization(WHO)

Vaccine-related Capacity

Mr. Rajesh Sreedharan

Team Leader, World Health Organization(WHO)