2022 GHSA Ministerial Meeting in Seoul

Tour Program

Experience Korea Program

Notice. 01

After the Ministerial Meeting on the 30th of Nov., you can join the 'Experience Korea program’, which is scheduled from 14:00, takes 4~6hours.

Notice. 02

You can choose one of the below programs, which are running free of charge. Limousine buses will be operated for the programs.

Notice. 03

You can make a reservation for 'Experience Korea Program' on the registration form.
In case you have already registered without the reservation on the 'Experience Korea Program', please email to ghsa2022seoul@gmail.com.

A course

Experience Korean Culture

4hours 30minutes

Tour Schedule (14:00 ~ 18:30)

B course

Experience Smart Hospital System In Korea


Tour Schedule (13:30 ~ 19:30)

C course

Experience Korea Disease Control And Prevention Agency


Tour Schedule (14:00 ~ 20:00)